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Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit my website

I am pleased to launch my new website that will provide improved information about me and my activities. However, I am afraid that the website is still under construction and many of the links/pages may do not work.
There would be many new features that I hope you enjoy exploring, including a summary of Real-time Embedded Systems and my researches, Fault Tolerance technics and algorithms to increase reliability, etc. You can access to all pages from "Accordion menu" (recommended) or by following the menu above, but it is also important to know that I designed this website in different method. I mean I have tried to analyze users’ activities on my website and organize it to make the site simple to use. So at first, I strongly recommend you to visit a specific page (A 5-minute Tour) which contains useful information about this website.
Please have a look around the site and drop me an email on your thoughts. I am also keen to hear of other issues that you think I should be looking into.
Abolfazl Ghavidel
The latest
Currently, I am working on Reliability improvement in heterogeneous system contaning multicore processor (as a general purpose processor (GPP)) and reconfigurable device (e.g. FPGA).
In a simple sentence, I can say that the reliability of a system depends on many parameters to ensure that all sub-section of the system will work corrctly even with the presence of the transient faults. To improve reliability in a real-time embedded syystem, one can be making fault-tolerant scheduling.
In this research, I am looking for a novel technic to use both HW and Time redundancy to add fault tolerance to the scheduling of real-time tasks.
This site will be useful for whom...
This website can be interesting for whom are studying or working on real-time scheduling, embedded systems, and dependability specifically on heterogeneous systems. In addition, you can see some of my works and papers regarding the mentioned subjects.
I've provided some good basic information:
Accordion menu
As you may know, traditional menu styles cannot give you enough information about page(s) you want to see and sometimes you through the pages that you really do not want.
So you need a new feature specially when you just have time to glance at the headlines or topics.
I have used a very good solution, using a new menu style "accordion". It is pretty straightforward.
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Not bad to know that I have designed this website with some private methods. In other word, the design is similar to others but not the same.
For better underestanding please see this page.
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Welcome to my personal website.
Just a quick note before exploring, this website is out of date and many of the links might not work.
I absolutely try to update and complete it soon, but I must say that I have been busy with work for my researches on Reliability in Heterogeneous Platform Containing Multicore Processor and FPGA. So to be honest, I don't know when I can do it.
Therefore, please accept my apology and be patient. However, I read all messages and e-mails every day and will respond as long as it is not spam.